Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Encounter Bungoma

Encounter Bungoma 2012
20th May - 6th June
The 5th year of Encounter visits has resulted in a record number of people forming the team.
Along with myself The Revd Phil there will be teachers, clergy, lay people and a mixture of men and women, young and 'mature'.....

The Revd Sam Foster from Scarborough
Steph Brown Head of St Martin's School, Scarborough
Christine Wilkinson Head of Hackness School
The Revd Richard Costin of St Martins Scarborough
Mrs Jill Costin his better half!
Damian Boddy from Helmsley
Kate Corcoran of Rossington St Michael's
Suzanne Simpson of Oldfleet School Hull
The Revd Trevor Lewis from Ingleby Arncliffe
The Revd Roy Shaw from Tockwith
Lorna Karetnyk from Thornton Dale School...