Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday 25th May - Webuye

An early start at 7.30, but we managed to get away for 8 am arriving in Webuye and we met up with Bishop Joseph and his team and had breakfast of Kenyan tea, ground nuts with bread and butter. Then it was off to the church for the seminar.

 Webuye New Anglo Church

The church which they had built in 3 days was made of a wooden frame with tin sheeted sides and roof. Thankfully it also had some windows. The church was reasonably full when we got there and as they sang their welcoming songs more and more people came and all the seating had to be adjusted.

One of the singing groups

There were more people than were there yesterday and although we had more time, it was hard work. Everyone appeared to enjoy the seminar and joined in especially in the group sessions. Between each presenter  they sang Christian songs, one of which was in 3 part harmony. At the end we had 30 minutes of songs.

Singing and dancing even in a full church!

We then walked back to the house where we had breakfast for lunch. Lunch was beef, chicken, rice, chapati and cabbage followed by mango and orange.

We then drove to Bungoma where after a few minutes Lorna, Paula and Suze turned up. After a soda and a few purchases we climbed into the minibus, all 10 of us and Uncle John drove us to St Dorcas Orphanage to take the girls back before we set off back to Karibuni Lodge.

Reflecting on these last three days of teaching it has been refreshing to see how the Lord is working in this church which is only about two years old. They are following the Anglican tradition and given the situation they found themselves in two years ago when they had to form a new church there is something really inspiring in these churches. With the correct training and leadership it will become a strong church is this part of Kenya serving our Lord.

Tomorrow we leave the Lodge and after our seminar it is off to the orphanage for about 4 days.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday 24th May - Chwele & Syombe

The internet connection is back, which means I can update this blog. I should not be surprised though because this is Kenya.

Phil presenting gifts from UK school to Pongola school

Pongola school

All the teachers are now with their schools and the seminar team of the Rev'd's Phil, Roy and Trev with Damien have delivered the first two seminars for the New Anglo Church. The seminars have been received well with a lot of participation from the clergy and laity who have attended. The feedback from Phil is that the teachers are also enjoying working with their respective schools and the Kenyan teachers and children are all enjoying the experience. When we all meet up hopefully we will be able to add some pictures.

Tim, Kate & Phil at Chwele

Roy teaching and Jehoshaphat translating with Damien in the background 

More details can be found on my own blog Scoutwiththecross.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Karibuni Lodge, Bungoma Kenya

Phil's bungalow with Lorna & Pauline looking on

Habari (Hello)

We arrived at Kitali yesterday (Monday) morning and after a short 10 minute journey in the minibus arrived at our accommodation the Karibuni Lodge. We settled into our tented rooms very quickly and then had a very nice lunch after which it was time to familiarise ourselves. In the evening we had dinner where we celebrated the birthdays of both Phil and Christine with a birthday cake each.

Today most of the teachers went off to St Dorcas Orphanage or their respective schools and new accommodation leaving Damien, Roy, Tim, Kate and myself and Karibuni Lodge. We all had breakfast together and then prayed for them before they set off, only 45 minutes late. Well it is African time.

Roy preparing for his seminar sessions

It was preparation day preparing with Roy, Damien and myself preparing for our seminars based on 2 Timothy. We had a brainstorm in the morning and built the structure of the seminars based on work we had previously done in the UK. In the afternoon it was down to the hard work of the detail.

Kate & Tim preparing

Kate and Tim are going to their school tomorrow. They will be painting the walls of the school to help the children learn. Bringing ideas from their own primary school children from the UK they were drafting out options to talk through with the Lena school teachers tomorrow. There will be a literacy wall and a numeracy wall. They have some excellent ideas and it will be interesting to see how it all works out later next week when they return.

Until tomorrow  

Tutaonana (Goodbye)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Bwana Asifiwe

The Reverends Roy and Trev

Bwana Asifiwe - Praise the Lord! The Encounter Bungoma team fly out to Bungoma on Sunday to meet up with Phil who is already there. Based around Kitale and then the St Dorcas orphanage this blog will hopefully keep you up to date with what we are doing. I even hope to post some pictures here and on my own blog.

The is a mixture of clergy, lay minister and Primary teachers in the team doing a mixture of work with churches and schools.


Friday, 4 May 2012

The time is approaching fast for the Encounter Bungoma 2012 team to go out to Bungoma. They leave on 20th May and preparations are well under way. Last Saturday most of the team met at Askham Richard to go through the itinerary and to arrange what they were all doing. Excitement with a little apprehension was evident and the countdown has really started. Only 16 more days to go to take off.