Monday, 26 November 2012

Encounter Bungoma 2013

This is an invitation to join a mission team of lay and clergy visiting Bungoma in Western
Kenya in either May or July 2013. Readers in training may use this as a placement opportunity and licensed Readers for CMD in consultation with the Warden of Readers.

‘Encounter Bungoma’ offers a unique opportunity to experience life and ministry in a cross
cultural context that will enable mutual giving and receiving. Applicants need have no previous travelling or ‘African’ experience. The skills and experience of each team member will be used to make a contribution to the Church in Bungoma. The programme will be drawn up in consultation with our hosts in Bungoma.
The 2 week programme will include a combination of:

a. Training with local churches, including groups of women and men, laity and leaders. Preaching and worshipping with rural churches.
b. Working and living alongside St Dorcas Orphanage.
c. Visiting and working with local schools.
d. Some may experience hospitality offered by local Christians in their homes.

Of equal significance is the cross cultural experience that offers an opportunity for faith to be inspired, challenged and deepened. In Bungoma we will encounter the warmth and hospitality of our African brothers and sisters in Christ. We will make a contribution to the encouragement of a growing rural church and make new relationships that may enrich our mutual experience. We will encounter material poverty alongside spiritual riches.

As one ‘Encounter Team Members’ said:
‘I thought I was going to give, but I received far more… …this experience has changed my life….’

This will be the 7th & 8th Encounter Teams from the York Diocese to visit Bungoma. The link has been developing since 2006.

Dates and Costs (provisional):
Sunday (pm) 12th May – Wednesday 29th May. £1600
Sunday (pm) 21st July – Wednesday 7th August. £1700
Costs are inclusive of flights, food, accommodation and travel. There will be an opportunity for an optional 24 hour safari and visit to CMS projects in Kibera, Nairobi. Teams will meet to plan and prepare before the visit and afterwards to debrief.

For more information or an application form please contact:
The Revd Phil White, see details on right hand panel.