Friday, 26 July 2013

H&A’s Biking to Bungoma for Beds Challenge

York based children’s toiletries supplier, H&A have Biked to Bungoma for beds! The company cycled 4,210 miles on static bikes, the distance from their office to the location of the Kipcheria Orphanage in Bungoma, Kenya. The challenge took three weeks to complete and the team have raised over £3,000 to supply beds and mattresses for the orphans.

The task began on 1st July and saw staff cycling before and after work as well as during lunchtimes and weekends. Just 18 employees participated and each person had to complete approximately 20 miles per day to stay on target. 
The link with the orphanage in Kenya came about due to company Managing Director, Angela Jenkins' link with Bungoma Calling. 

Sally Aitken, Assistant Accountant at H&A, said “As H&A sell children’s toiletries in the UK, it makes sense that we should look to support a charity that benefits children who are significantly disadvantaged. Following our success in the York Cycle Challenge in 2012, we decided to arrange this challenge for this worthy cause that is very close to our hearts”.
To donate to this excellent cause visit;

Monday, 22 July 2013

Visiting the Elderly in Kipcheria Village

On my visit to the Kipcheria Orphanage in May this year we took the opportunity to visit some of the elderly people in the nearby village. Bungoma Calling charity provides money each time there are any visitors from the UK, usually 2 or 3 times a year, to make available small food parcels. Each parcel contains: flour, sugar, tea bags, salt and soap. We prepared about 20 parcels for distribution. As these were quite heavy we carried some ourselves and the rest were put in a large box on the back of a bicycle which then accompanied us on our rounds.

The elderly people we visited are living in extreme poverty so you can imagine their joy when we arrived with gifts. From the reception we received it seemed we had given them a pot of gold. These visits had a  profound effect on those of us who did the visits; we all see pictures of poverty on the news, on charity posters, but to witness this first hand is extremely humbling. One lady we visited had malaria and had been poorly for 2-3 weeks; she lived alone without back up it seemed. Another family had recently had a bereavement of a man 24 years of age. Their grief was overwhelming them.

On a lighter note, we were given a chicken by one of the elderly women we visited - and this by someone who had so very little. It was a chicken clearly at the older end of its life (as the picture shows) and, yes, it was duly cooked for our tea when we arrived back at the orphanage. Not the most tasty of chicken as you can imagine, but we ate it as we knew the significance of it as a special gift.

The visits surely highlight how grateful we all are for the abundance of food and supplies each of us has available.

Angela Jenkins
Churchwarden - Tockwith Church

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Orphanage update

New photographs from the Rise & Shine church show that the orphanage construction is making good progress. The work is now the finishing of the inside of the building as well as putting in the drainage.
The photos will be posted over the next few days so watch this space.

Also click on our St Dorcas Orphanage tab to find out more.