Friday, 5 June 2015

Encounter 2015 short Mission

Our short mission to the Arise and Shine church and the Anglo Church of Kenya is coming to an end.

Three intrepid missionaries flew out to Kenya on 24th May arriving in Bungoma County the following day. Our driver Albert picked us up from the airport and drove us to the St Dorcas Orphanage in Kipcheria where we were staying.

This short mission had two objectives. The first to visit the orphanage and to see how that was progressing and to see how the new property was fairing under the constant use of having now thirty children using it. The second was to deliver eight days of seminars  to two local churches, the Arise and Shine Church and the (New) Anglo Church of Kenya.

The seminars went well with plenty of people attending and good participation. The adult learning techniques we used are different from what they are use to making harder work for the presenters than it would be in the UK. The quality of some of the answers and discussion back in the plenary sessions though was generally very good.

The orphanage is moving from strength to strength. There are now thirty children in the orphanage, 15 girls and 15 boys. Each one of them goes to school in the local area to the orphanage. The new dining room and kitchen, plus the security house are a great addition to the site. The orphanage itself is now over a year old and some minor remedial work was required to the building. All this was carried out during our stay there.

With rain water harvesting, solar panels generating electricity and the composting of waste vegetable matter the orphanage is also 'green' and sustainable in the use of resources. In several areas it is trying to be self sufficient  and has gone a long way to achieving that.

All in all it was and excellent, though very busy, trip.

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